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Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance - Nursing home and lengthy-term care coverage are available to cover custodial care in a nursing domestic. a number of those guidelines also cover care inside the home, and others are to be had to pay for care in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) after your Medicare blessings run out (see web page three for a proof of the Medicare gain for professional nursing facility care).

Long-Term Care Insurance

If you are in the market for nursing home or longterm care insurance, be sure you know which types of nursing homes and services are covered by the different policies available. And if you buy a policy, make sure it does not duplicate skilled nursing facility (SNF) coverage provided by any Medigap policy, managed care plan, or other coverage you have.

It is important to remember that custodial care (the type of care most persons in nursing homes require) is not covered by Medicare or most Medigap policies. The only care of this nature that Medicare covers is skilled nursing care or skilled rehabilitation care that is provided in a Medicare-certified skilled nursing facility

For more information about long-term care insurance, request a copy of A Shopper’s Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance from either your state insurance department or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 120 W. 12th Street, Suite 1100, Kansas City, MO 64 105-1925. You may also obtain a copy of the Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home by writing to Medicare Publications, Health Care Financing Administration, 6325 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21207.