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Tips to buy a Used Car

Tips to buy a Used Car - A person WHO willnot afford purchase to shop for a brand new automobile can invariably move ahead and buy a second user automobile. shopping for a automobile no doubts needs lots of cash however that doesn't mean that solely made should purchase it. invariably bear in mind the success of shopping for a second user automobile is to try and do your analysis before you purchase it. you'll got to prepare yourself for all the strain if you're craving for an ideal deal. confirm that you just area unit with the most effective used dealer WHO can make sure you the most effective deal. you wish to travel through the subsequent info before shopping for a second user automobile. 
Tips to buy a Used Car

  1. 1) Always decide the budget you can afford to buy the car. Since you are buying the used car always include price of the Car, repairs and maintenance cost of the car, Car insurance and so on.
  2. 2) Decide the Car you would like to buy. The best option would be to go for a mid-sized car as these cars are available at great bargains.
  3. 3) Used cars may be covered by a manufacturer's warranty or a separately purchased service contract. However note that they may not be transferable. Always make sure to go through the warranty or service contract before you buy any used cars.
  4. 4) You can also take a test drive of the car and check its efficiency and comfort. It would be more preferable if you take a test drive on different types of roads. Have a drive for at least 10 to 15 miles to ensure the smoothness of the car.
  5. 5) Find out how old is the car you are going to buy. Try to buy a car which is two or three years older. Buying a two or three years older car would probably be a great deal as this will give you an opportunity to drive the latest model. It would be asking for trouble if you decide to go for a much older car.
  6. 6) If you are not 100% satisfied by the car avoid buying it. Don't just buy a car since it is cheap as this might turn into a big expense in the long term.
  7. 7) It would be advisable to get the car inspected by the mechanic you hire. If you neglect it, you will have to pay everything for the maintenance once you buy the car. A mechanic can put the car on the lift and can immediately identify any previous damages, corrosions and so on.
  8. 8) If you are buying a 4 to 5 year old car it would be advisable to get the warranty period extended. Else you will have to bear the brunt of heavy losses.
  9. 9) Every dealer has a price in mind below which they will not sell you the car. The dealer is ready to reduce the price of the car till this price point and yet manages a decent profit. However if they find a particular buyer inexperienced they take advantage of such buyers and gladly make a very good profit. Hence it is very important to educate yourself thoroughly before going to a car dealer.